Best answer: What lives in the Belize River?

Mammals that are found in the Belize River include manatees, dolphins, howler monkeys and the national animal, the tapir. The West Indian Manatee can often be seen at the mouth of the Belize River and howler monkeys high in the treetops.

What kind of fish are in the Belize River?

Game fish species generally found in this area include PERMIT, BONEFISH, TARPON, SNOOK, SNAPPER, JACKS, BARRACUDA, GROUPER and others. Visual Saltwater Grand Slams and Back Country Grand Slams occur every day.

Why is the Belize River one of our important rivers?

The river served as the main medium of commerce and communication between the interior and the coast until well into the twentieth century. Presently, the river is a vital source of water and domestic use for local people living along the river.

What is the main source of Belize River?

Река Белиз/Истоки

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