Alan Reyes A.K.A. IRIE

Alan-Reyes-ThinkIRIE (born Alan Reyes) is a Rapper/Poet/Educator from Los Angeles, California. Because of the challenges he had to overcome in his own childhood, Irie possesses a natural ability to connect in a deep way with youth of all ages and backgrounds. He is a gifted communicator and writing workshop facilitator with an intimate understanding of the transformational power of spoken-word poetry and music. Irie uses poetry inspired by his own life story as a teaching tool and source of inspiration for others.

Over the past 10 years, Irie The Poet has collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations, Churches and Community Centers nationwide including: Street Poets Inc., D.C.F.S., A Better LA, Public Allies, Youth Mentoring Connection, All Peoples Christian Center, Street Inc., Youth Justice Coalition and NPR-Youth Radio. He has also traveled abroad to Germany, Austria and Hungary to participate in a worldwide peace conference. For most of his adult life, Irie has served underprivileged communities as a coaching mentor, outreach associate, self-development trainer and motivational speaker. Irie’s passion for poetry combined with his mission to empower youth, places him on a road less travelled by many hip-hop artists today.

In early 2000, Irie & his younger cousin formed a group called “Caribbean Xchange,” a reggae/hip hop duo. Based on Irie’s previous business experience, they independently produced and released their debut album Section 8. Irie learned a great deal about the music industry during his time with Caribbean Xchange, performing on the same bill with Shaggy, Damien Marley, Sean Paul, Beanie Man and many other iconic reggae artists. Even though Irie has a Caribbean background (Garifuna roots via Honduras) himself, he was more influenced by American hip-hop in his youth. His delivery style has been compared to that of hip-hop artists such as Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Andre 3000 of OutKast.

The subject matter on Irie The Poet’s upcoming debut album “Inner Struggle” ranges from rebellion and the trials of addiction and materialism to reconciliation, peace, love, positive thinking, personal goal-setting and spirituality.

Instead of taking the conventional commercial route that most independent artists and record labels use, Irie The Poet plans on sharing his message and music by facilitating poetry writing workshops and making his upcoming album available to non-profit organizations serving at-risk youth. Send a friend request and like him on

Check out Irie The Poet facilitating and performing at a community organization near you!

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