Welcome to Belize In America (BIA), an online, multimedia news and entertainment magazine that showcases the richness and cultural diversity of Belize; while highlighting the personal and professional success stories of our BELAM (Belizean American) brothers and sisters throughout the United States.

The Belizean diaspora, or the wide dispersion and integration of our people and culture to the many nations of the world, has given rise to the need of a forum in which Belizean people can connect with their culture, give voice to their challenges and concerns, and provide a beacon of hope to those who may still be struggling along life’s journey.  For this reason, Belize in America was born.  Here you’ll find current events features and discussion forums for the encouragement and empowerment of the Belizean people who share our passion for uplifting their fellow man . . . be it socially, culturally or economically; and, in so doing, promote discussion, unity and advancement within our communities and around the world.

In addition, BIA also shines our spotlight on development opportunities, tourism information, entertainment and other special events of particular interest to the growing number of Canadians, Europeans and Americans who move to Belize, and ultimately make our precious jewel their home.  BIA celebrates these expatriates, or expats, who have long been an integral part of the endearing, multicultural landscape that is our beloved Belize.  This, too, is at the heart of what we do: to inform, entertain, educate and inspire everyone who connects to and appreciates our land, our waters, our people, and our culture.

At Belize in America, you can look forward to the following features:
  • Video interviews with successful Belizeans living in America (business owners/professionals, musicians, entertainers, etc.)
  • Inspirational segments & episodes
  • Updates on current events happening within the community (entertainment and cultural – videos and articles)
  • Weekly talk shows on socially relevant topics such as: our expectations of one other, how we interact with other cultures, etc.
  • BELAM Business reviews . . . and much more!

The Belizean artists, educators, business professionals, and entertainers that captivate and inspire us all come from a true melting pot of colorful cultures and ethnic origins such as Garifuna, Kriol, Maya, Mestizo, and many others.  For generations, the people of Belize have demonstrated a cultural commitment to preserving the country’s unique multicultural heritage, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

This enduring promise is what Belize in America is all about.  So whether you are a native Belizean, an expat, a BELAM, or just a Belizean at heart who shares our love for the rich tapestry of our culture, we would like you to consider this to be your online community.  So we encourage you to visit our site regularly to discuss topics, share ideas, and to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with Belizeans both at home and in America that can empower and inspire us all to be the best we can be!

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