A sad day for Belize

It is a sad day for Belize.

Belize has descended into an environment where citizens are finding it harder to earn an honest day’s wage. It is a place where one must lay down their dignity in order to earn.

Many are forced to endure humiliating conditions in order to feed their families.

A sad day for BelizeIt is an environment where many citizens are terrorized by the political directorate and therefore are afraid to express any criticism of government of the day and the oligarchy.

So blurred has the line between red and blue that there now only exists a hierarchy of elite citizens who make it their business to ensure that the proletariat abide by their rules.

The Belizean value system has all but disappeared. There is nothing that really defines us anymore. The country has been relegated to a ‘free for all’ where outsiders are welcome to do as they wish. Outsiders are better accommodated than citizens. They occupy seats in administration where Belizeans are well qualified to fill but they are shunned by our own government.

Nowhere is the sad state of affairs most manifested as it is in the way how seemingly deathly afraid Belizeans are of the government. Only a few years ago, citizens of Belize freely expressed their criticism of the government. They leaked information of wrongdoing on the part of the government.

Today, all those practices that demonstrated the Belizeans commitment to good governance and transparency has all but disappeared.
The people have been reduced to sheeple where they are literally being led to the slaughter.

Very few dare to criticize and complain and those that do pay a price – there is another exodus. Good soldiers of the “peaceful constructive Belizean revolution have given up.” As we speak some have packed up and left and others are packing up to leave while others are simply saying, “f**k it – I got better things to do with my life.”

Never have I seen a people so demoralized that they shed their basic dignities at the altar of the government and the oligarchs.

Never have I seen a people so demoralized that they accept abuse from the political directorate.

Never have I seen a people so demoralized that they will not say or act on their own behalf and interests and that of their children.

Never have I seen a people so demoralized that they await the government and the oligarchs for their basic needs – FOOD!

Never have I seen a people so demoralized that in the face of exploitation of our very patrimony and threats to the Belizean way of life is met with indifference.

It is a very sad day in Belize. But the sheeple don’t know it or cannot be bothered enough to arise and defend what’s really ours and that of future generations. With that I say “quo vadis Belize? Where exactly are you headed?

By Rhenae Nunez.

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